Welcome to Corporate News!

Our service brings together press releases, corporate news, announcements and notices from companies around the world into one convenient platform. This means that you’ll find updates from all major listed and unlisted companies, as well as public bodies and organisations, all in one place.


But that’s not all. We’ve also developed our own AI chat feature. This allows you to ask questions about any listed or unlisted company, as well as public bodies and organisations, and receive relevant information. For example, you could ask, “What recent advancements have been made in the electric car industry?” Our AI bot will then sift through news releases containing these keywords to provide you with the information you are looking for.


While our service is currently in production, we’re pleased to announce that the beta version is now available for you to use. You’ll be able to search our vast database of tens of thousands of companies from over 22 stock exchanges worldwide. What’s more, you’ll get fast and accurate answers from our AI bot, keeping you up to date with developments in your favourite industry.